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  • Pistillino wall lamp
    Pistillino wall lamp

    Beautiful vintage wall light.

    Studio Tetrarch for Valenti Luce, 1960s

    Diameter circa 26 cm

    € 225,00
  • sold

    Cast aluminum hat mold
    Cast aluminum hat mold

    Very cool original vintage hat mold.

    Made out of cast aluminum.

    Super decorative!

  • Industrial coffeetable
    Industrial coffeetable

    Cool old industrial coffee table/sidetable.

    several pieces available.

    € 135,00
  • Antique schooltable/sidetable
    Antique schooltable/sidetable

    Beautiful antique schooltable.

    Also perfect to use as a sidetable.

    The 3 individual tabletops can be set in a 'writing' position, to be used as a desk, but also a horizontal position to use it as a (side)table.


    € 599,00
  • sold

    Vintage industrial steel cabinet
    Vintage industrial steel cabinet

    Very cool and unusual industrial steel cabinet.

    The cylinder/carousel cabinet is completely made out of steel.

    The 'drawers' turn in/out the cylindrical cabinet and the cabinet can swivel on the steel base.

    Made in the Ukraine,…

  • Vintage kitchen trolley
    Vintage kitchen trolley

    Beautiful old kitchen trolley.

    Steel frame with baby blue formica shelving.

    On casters.

    € 275,00
  • Wooden fairground trick photopraphy car
    Wooden fairground trick photopraphy car

    Very cool old wooden car.

    This was used at fairgrounds ect for trick photopraphy.

    It was made to look like your kids (for example) were behind the steering wheel of a car.

    Very decorative item.

    Circa 1950's

    Length 250 cm

    € 375,00
  • Antique leather medicine ball
    Antique leather medicine ball

    Very decorative antique leather medicine ball.

    Large model, circa 5 kg

    2 pieces available, slightly different models.

    Both same size and weight

    € 120,00
  • reserved

    Antique cast iron planter
    Antique cast iron planter

    Beautiful large antique cast iron planter.

    Made by Godin Duquenne & Guise


    Early 1900's

    Circa 67 cm long

    € 270,00
  • reserved

    Vintage large taxidermy mounted european Herring Gull
    Vintage large taxidermy mounted european Herring Gull

    Beautiful old taxidermy mounted european herring gull.

    Probably used in a school since it has a species label on the wooden base.

    German origin.

    approx 54 cm from head to tail

    € 120,00
  • sold

    Vintage cast aluminum hat mold
    Vintage cast aluminum hat mold

    Beautiful and very decorative cast aluminum (cowboy/western) hat mold.

    Weight is 8,5 kg

  • sold

    Sonne briketts enameled sign
    Sonne briketts enameled sign

    Beautiful old enameled sign.

    75 cm x 50 cm

  • sold

    Antique wooden drawercabinet
    Antique wooden drawercabinet

    Gorgeous wooden drawercabinet.

    Made in Germany, early 20th century.

    Very well made with dovetail joints.

    Including the key wich fits on all drawers.

    more pictures & info will folow soon.

  • Swedish pine drop-leaf table
    Swedish pine drop-leaf table

    Beautiful antique Swedish pine drop-leaf table.

    More pictures will folow soon.

    € 299,00
  • sold

    Jugendstil pub bench
    Jugendstil pub bench

    Beautiful jugenstil wooden pub bench.

    Gorgeous color and patina!

    Brussels, circa 1910/1920

    230 cm length

    46 cm seat height

  • Kaiser Idell, Christian Dell industrial desk lamp
    Kaiser Idell, Christian Dell industrial desk lamp

    Very cool vintage desk lamp.

    Probably designed by Christian Dell for Kaiser Idell. Circa 1930's.

    It's been painted over and is missing the original on/off switch. But functional.

    But the bright red color fits the lamp…

    € 95,00
  • sold

    Vintage carp skeleton
    Vintage carp skeleton

    Very cool vintage carp skeleton.

    Made by Biofiz, Poland. Circa 1960's

    This company made a lot of anatomical models and didactic material for schools.

    This piece is in very good condition with original glass display case.


  • -8%

    Industrial riveted steel locker
    Industrial riveted steel locker

    Awesome riveted steel locker.

    Probably made by German manufacturer Küppersbusch..

    Either way its industrial at its best!!

    Made in the early 1900's (1920/1930)

    It was painted in aweful neon bleu/green and for that reason…

    € 650,00 € 599,00
  • -33%

    Glass radiator/lamp ~ art deco ~ model radiaver ~
    Glass radiator/lamp ~ art deco ~ model radiaver ~

    This radiator was designed as part of the glass pavilion of the Saint-Gobain company at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937.

    Design by french architect René Coulon.

    Etched wiring between two sheets of glass generates heat.…

    € 750,00 € 499,00
  • sold

    Ceramic sculpture tiger, A. Fagotto
    Ceramic sculpture tiger, A. Fagotto

    Beautiful ceramic (white clay) tiger sculpture.

    A. Fagotto

    France, circa 1920's/1930's

    Large example: circa 55 cm long and 40 cm in height

  • sold

    Original Daalderop KMD Gispen "duikelaar"
    Original Daalderop KMD Gispen "duikelaar"

    W.H. Gispen KMD Daalderop


    design circa 1928

    In good original and working condition.

  • Cape buffalo skull
    Cape buffalo skull

    Superb old Cape buffalo skull.

    Circa 84 cm wide!!

    € 450,00
  • Vintage industrial office chair
    Vintage industrial office chair

    Very cool industrial office chair.

    In the style of Ahrend/staalmeubel

    Circa 1950's

    € 250,00
  • sold

    Birglow hand signal indicator
    Birglow hand signal indicator

    Beautiful antique piece of auto memorabilia.

    Birglow hand signal indicator, circa 1910.

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