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  • Antique oak settle bench
    Antique oak settle bench

    Beautiful old settle bench.

    In very good and solid condition.

    Age unknown, the bottom of the seat is stamped but diffecult to read.

    € 385,00
  • German army workbench
    German army workbench

    Cool old industrial german army workbench.

    Steel frame with solid wooden drawers.

    € 599,00
  • sold out

    Steel folding chair
    Steel folding chair

    Rare old steel folding chairs.

    Made by Dico, for the Brand beer brewery, Uden The Netherlands circa 1950's.

  • Sold

    Küppersbusch lockercabinet, 1930's
    Küppersbusch lockercabinet, 1930's

    Beautiful 1930's Küppersbusch lockercabinet

    Solid rustfree condition with loads of patina.

  • sold out

    Industrial storage crate
    Industrial storage crate

    Cool and practical industrial zinc storage crates.

    Ideal to store records or firewood etc.

  • Vintage post office desk
    Vintage post office desk

    Very cool vintage desk.

    This desk came out of a former post office in Germany.

    € 275,00
  • Kaiser Idell 6614 scissorlamp
    Kaiser Idell 6614 scissorlamp

    Beautiful unrestored Kaiser Idell scissorlamp

    By Christian Dell, circa 1930's

    In working condition.

    € 275,00
  • Vintage eastern carpet
    Vintage eastern carpet

    Gourgeous old middle eastern rug.


    190 cm x 140 cm

    € 145,00
  • Old child mannequin
    Old child mannequin

    Beautiful old child mannequin.

    Made in Italy, circa 1960's

    Superb patina.

    € 235,00
  • Vintage gym scoreboard
    Vintage gym scoreboard

    Very cool vintage scoreboard.

    This piece came out of a former gym to keep score.

    € 125,00
  • Sold

    Anatomical brain model
    Anatomical brain model

    A model of the human brain in 4 parts.

    Russian, early 20th century.

  • sold out

    Industrial factory light
    Industrial factory light

    Beautiful old industrial factory lights.

    These come from an old factory in Latvia.

    Rewired and ready to go.

    Diameter 40 cm

  • sold

    Industrial Bienaise Chair
    Industrial Bienaise Chair

    Very cool industrial workchair.

    From French manufacturer Bienaise, circa 1950's

    € 395,00
  • Sold

    Wooden drawer cabinet
    Wooden drawer cabinet

    Beautiful wooden drawer cabinet

    This piece came out of an old carpenters workplace.

  • Chinese Yoke-back chairs
    Chinese Yoke-back chairs

    Very stylisch old yoke-back chairs

    € 125,00
  • Faux bamboo mirror
    Faux bamboo mirror

    Beautiful 1930's french faux bamboo mirror

    85 cm height and 65 cm wide

    the mirrorglas is 42,5 cm wide and 64 cm height

    € 125,00
  • Sold out

    Industrial  trolley
    Industrial trolley

    Very cool antique mine trolley.

    This piece was used in the Dutch mines.

    The wooden floor is 85 cm long x 60 cm wide

    Beautiful patina!!

  • reserved

    Old bakery worktable
    Old bakery worktable

    Huge beechwood bakery workbench.

    In solid condition with superb patina.

    € 1.450,00
  • sold

    Industrial lab stool
    Industrial lab stool

    Cool old industrial lab stools.

    These height adjustable stools have a superb patina.

    Circa 1960's

    € 75,00
  • 1920's rowac industrial stool
    1920's rowac industrial stool

    Beautiful 1920's german workstool

    Height adjustable.

    The stool has very clear Rowac styling elements but is not signed.

    € 285,00
  • Montigny gunner transport chest
    Montigny gunner transport chest

    Very rare antique transport chest for a montigny gunner.

    This pieces dates back to the German - French war of 1870

    Beautiful wrought iron hardware and patina.

    € 465,00
  • -11%

    Industrial workbench
    Industrial workbench

    Beautiful old german army workbench.

    Steel cabinet with solid wooden drawers.

    Because of the size this workbench can be used for all kinds of purposes.

    € 899,00 € 799,00
  • sold

    Industrial safe cabinet
    Industrial safe cabinet

    Beautiful old steel safe cabinet.

    This piece was used by the Russian KGB to store documents.

    Real cool cabinet with loads of details

    4 mm thick steel

  • Industrial steel  wall locker
    Industrial steel wall locker

    Cool lockercabinet

    This steel lockercabinet has 18 compartments wich can all be locked with a pad lock

    Originally made to hang on the wall

    € 350,00
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