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  • Antique riveted steel & zinc well bucket
    Antique riveted steel & zinc well bucket

    Gorgeous old well bucket.

    This piece is made out of riveted steel and zinc with wrought iron handle.

    It came out of a former monastry where it was used to transport water from one side of the building to the other.


    € 225,00
  • Anatomical plaster kidney model
    Anatomical plaster kidney model

    Gorgeous old anatomical plaster model of the human kidney.

    This educational model came out of a school in Latvia.

    Its made out of plaster on a bakelite base.

    In good vintage condition, some small damages to the plaster.


    € 85,00
  • sold

    Wooden workbench
    Wooden workbench

    Beautiful old wooden workbench.

    These were used in a technical school in Belgium.

    Because of its size very usefull & pratical

  • Large wooden chest of drawers
    Large wooden chest of drawers

    Stunning old wooden chest of drawers.

    This piece came out of a factory in Hungary.

    Total of 70 drawers and 2 extandable worktops.

    In solid but vintage condition.

    € 1.200,00
  • Vintage steel folding chair
    Vintage steel folding chair

    Beautiful vintage steel folding chairs.

    Made in france.

    Circa 1960's/1970's

    Good solid & functional condition.

    5 pieces in white

    2 pieces in pale orange

    € 35,00
  • Bienaise stool, 1930's
    Bienaise stool, 1930's

    Very cool industrial work stool.

    Made by french manufacturer Bienaise.

    Beautiful steel frame with wooden seat.

    Perfect patina!

    € 120,00
  • sold

    vintage Jieldé lamp
    vintage Jieldé lamp

    Beautiful original vintage Jieldé lamp.

    This lamp has been newly rewired and mounted on a industrial steel pulley, the rest is left alone to keep it as original as possible.

  • Industrial chest of drawers
    Industrial chest of drawers

    Gorgeous steel chest of drawers.

    Made by french manufacturer Flambo, Paris. Circa 1930's.

    € 375,00
  • Vintage army folding chair
    Vintage army folding chair

    Cool green army chairs.

    These chairs were used in the french army, made out of steel.

    They can be folded so don't take much space.

    Seat height 42/43 cm

    € 35,00
  • Antique jewelers worktable
    Antique jewelers worktable

    Very rare antique jewelers worktable.

    I guess its late 19th/ early 20th century, probably made in Italy.

    In original condition with its original keys.

    3 dedicated workspots.

    € 2.495,00
  • sold

    Wooden locker
    Wooden locker

    Beautiful old wooden locker.

    This 6 door beauty has a gorgeous blue color and some very nice details like coatrack and small mirror inside the compartments.

    The doors can be locked with a padlock.

  • reserved

    Antique cast iron steel urn
    Antique cast iron steel urn

    Beautiful antique cast iron steel urn.

  • reserved

    Industrial workbench
    Industrial workbench

    Superb steel industrial workbench.

    This piece was used in a factory in Kiev.

    Perfect green color & patina!!

    The construction is made out of thick 5 mm steel, the drawers and doors are made out of wood. The tabletop is also 5mm…

  • Large industrial wooden cabinet
    Large industrial wooden cabinet

    Beautiful large wooden cabinet.

    This piece was used in a large factory in Kiev.

    The right proportions and color & patina make this an amazing eyecatcher, ideal for a shopinterior for example.

    This cabinet is not dismountable…

    € 2.495,00
  • Industrial locker 1930's
    Industrial locker 1930's

    Gorgeous antique riveted steel locker.

    Probably made by German manufacturer Küppersbusch in the 1920's/1930's

    This, to me, is perfection.. perfect details and amazing color & patina, in very good and functional condition.

    € 899,00
  • Industrial work stool
    Industrial work stool

    Very cool industrial work stools.

    These were used in a diamont polishing factory in Antwerp, Belgium.

    Steel tubelar frame with solid beechwood seat and backrest, gorgeous and vibrant green color.

    seat heigth approx 53 cm.


    € 95,00
  • vintage police shooting target poster
    vintage police shooting target poster

    This poster was printed in Belgium and used within the Police Judiciaire in Liège 1995. It pictures a guy pulling a machinegun and features an outline within the male which formed the target for the shooting practice by the…

    € 75,00
  • Antique cat skeleton
    Antique cat skeleton

    Very cool antique cat skeleton/schoolmodel.

    This piece was found in an old school in Latvia.

    In good complete condition.

    Only pick up at the shop because of its fragility.

    € 350,00
  • Large industrial wooden drawercabinet
    Large industrial wooden drawercabinet

    Very large old wooden drawercabinet.

    This huge handmade wooden chest came out of a former factory in the south of germany, circa 1920's.

    Solid pine with dovetail joints.

    € 1.500,00
  • Old plaster anatomical eye model
    Old plaster anatomical eye model

    Beautiful old anatomical eye model.

    Made out of plaster.

    This piece came out of a former school in Latvia.

    € 250,00
  • Industrial steel drawer cabinet
    Industrial steel drawer cabinet

    Gorgeous steel industrial cabinet.

    Beautiful green color with the steel coming trough at some places.

    The drawers are made out of wood.

    This piece was used in a former weapon factory in the Ukraine.

    € 299,00
  • sold

    Vintage Rohe rattan chair
    Vintage Rohe rattan chair

    Vintage Rohe rattan chair

    in good vintage condition

    Price each

  • sold

    Old large bakery table
    Old large bakery table

    Beautiful old bakery table.

    This loverly aged large bakery table is made out of beechwood.

    Very cool piece for your kitchen conversion or in a retail setting, for example.

  • Industrial textile trolley
    Industrial textile trolley

    Very cool industrial textile trolley.

    This was used in a textile factory.

    Cast iron base with huge wheels, the frame is made out wood.

    € 350,00
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