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  • Kaiser Idell, Christian Dell industrial desk lamp
    Kaiser Idell, Christian Dell industrial desk lamp

    Very cool vintage desk lamp.

    Probably designed by Christian Dell for Kaiser Idell. Circa 1930's.

    It's been painted over and is missing the original on/off switch. But functional.

    But the bright red color fits the lamp…

    € 95,00
  • sold

    Vintage carp skeleton
    Vintage carp skeleton

    Very cool vintage carp skeleton.

    Made by Biofiz, Poland. Circa 1960's

    This company made a lot of anatomical models and didactic material for schools.

    This piece is in very good condition with original glass display case.


  • Industrial riveted steel locker
    Industrial riveted steel locker

    Awesome riveted steel locker.

    Probably made by German manufacturer Küppersbusch..

    Either way its industrial at its best!!

    Made in the early 1900's (1920/1930)

    It was painted in aweful neon bleu/green and for that reason…

    € 650,00
  • Glass radiator/lamp ~ art deco ~ model radiaver ~
    Glass radiator/lamp ~ art deco ~ model radiaver ~

    This radiator was designed as part of the glass pavilion of the Saint-Gobain company at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937.

    Design by french architect René Coulon.

    Etched wiring between two sheets of glass generates heat.…

    € 750,00
  • sold

    Ceramic sculpture tiger, A. Fagotto
    Ceramic sculpture tiger, A. Fagotto

    Beautiful ceramic (white clay) tiger sculpture.

    A. Fagotto

    France, circa 1920's/1930's

    Large example: circa 55 cm long and 40 cm in height

  • sold

    Original Daalderop KMD Gispen "duikelaar"
    Original Daalderop KMD Gispen "duikelaar"

    W.H. Gispen KMD Daalderop


    design circa 1928

    In good original and working condition.

  • Cape buffalo skull
    Cape buffalo skull

    Superb old Cape buffalo skull.

    Circa 84 cm wide!!

    € 450,00
  • Vintage industrial office chair
    Vintage industrial office chair

    Very cool industrial office chair.

    In the style of Ahrend/staalmeubel

    Circa 1950's

    € 250,00
  • sold

    Birglow hand signal indicator
    Birglow hand signal indicator

    Beautiful antique piece of auto memorabilia.

    Birglow hand signal indicator, circa 1910.

  • sold

    Industrial Hanau Quartz lamp
    Industrial Hanau Quartz lamp

    Very cool original Hanau quarzt lamp.

    Made in the 1920's/1930's

    Original Hanau

    Uber cool bauhaus design!

    With original cast iron base.

  • sold out

    Industrial bully lamp
    Industrial bully lamp

    Super cool industrial bully lamp

    Cast iron with steel cage and glass dome.

  • sold

    Antique bankers lamp
    Antique bankers lamp

    Beautiful Jugendstil bankers lamp.

    Made around the 1920's /1930's

    Cast iron base with green enameled lampshade.

    Newly Rewired.

  • Vintage bakery diplay cabinet
    Vintage bakery diplay cabinet

    Beautiful old bakery display cabinet.

    Made by Esmé in Groningen, The Netherlands. Circa 1950's

    Glass sliding doors are missing.

    Depth 37/48 cm

    € 399,00
  • sold

    Industrial steel safe cabinet
    Industrial steel safe cabinet

    Very cool and heavy steel safe cabinet.

    Made in the USSR, circa 1960's

  • -32%

    Industrial steel chair
    Industrial steel chair

    Super cool and colorful steel workshop chairs.

    Made in France, circa 1950's/1960's

    Completely made out steel (also the seat and backrest)

    Height adjustable.

    € 125,00 € 85,00
  • -11%

    Vintage Mullca school chair
    Vintage Mullca school chair

    Very stylisch vintage school/stacking chairs.

    Iconic chair made in France, 1950's

    Model 510

    Gorgeous tapered legs.

    seat height 45 cm

    € 45,00 € 39,95
  • sold

    Vintage Gispen president 357 PQR office chair
    Vintage Gispen president 357 PQR office chair

    Gorgeous vintage office chair.

    Made by dutch manufacturer Gispen.

    Model: President 357 PQR

    Unrestored but functional condition.

  • sold

    Old wooden butcher block
    Old wooden butcher block

    Great old wooden butcher block/ chopping block.

    The block is made out of 40 cm thick solid beechwood with wrought iron strips to keep it together.

    The chassis is also made out of wood.

    Hungarian, circa 1960's

  • Old small grocery cabinet
    Old small grocery cabinet

    Beautiful and charming old wooden grocery cabinet.

    Ideal to put small items such as sugars/milk cups/nespresso cups/cutlery/buts/bolts etc etc.

    a little woodworm damage on 2 partitions, perfectly solid otherwise.

    € 350,00
  • Industrial steel locker
    Industrial steel locker

    Very cool industrieel steel locker.

    Circa 1950's

    With mesh doorfronts.

    All compartments have one shelf and a hanging rod for clothes hangers.

    € 499,00
  • sold

    Antique french grocery cabinet
    Antique french grocery cabinet

    Beautiful antique grocery cabinet.

    Made in france, circa 1900's

    In a very good condition.

    Depth between 22,5 cm and 34 cm on the bottom.

  • Reserved

    General Electric projector lamp
    General Electric projector lamp

    Beautiful copper projector lamp.

    Made by General electric in the late 1920's/ early 1930's

    Look at the details of this rare beast!!

    circa 55 cm in diameter and total heigth circa 75 cm.

    It can be mounted on a pedestal but you…

  • Vintage shopcounter
    Vintage shopcounter

    Coming soon!!

    This very cool mid century shopcounter was used in a former apothecary in the Ukraine.

    It features a glass showcase with 2 drawers on the top.

    Underneath the showcase more drawers and a carrousel shelving…

  • sold

    Old ship light on tripod
    Old ship light on tripod

    Gorgeous old ship light on tripod.

    The lamp is made out of cast aluminum and copper, the tripod is a combination of steel, wood and brass.

    Newly rewired.

    Height adjustable between 75 cm and 100 cm

    So its suits both use on the…

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