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    Industrial  lockercabinet
    Industrial lockercabinet

    Beautiful old riveted steel lockercabinet.

    Probably made by Küppersbusch in the 1940's/1950's

  • Vintage design office chair
    Vintage design office chair

    Very stylish vintage office chair.

    Designer unknown

    Beautifully worn ebonised seat on a steel base with casters.

    € 275,00
  • Vintage drawercabinet/bookcase
    Vintage drawercabinet/bookcase

    Charming old wooden cabinet

    With huge drawers and lots of open storage space

    € 595,00
  • sold

    Vintage chesterfield
    Vintage chesterfield

    Beautiful vintage 3 seater chesterfield.

    This is an authentic vintage piece off high quality.

    Recently new springs and singles are placed so sits perfectly.

    Gorgeous patina and colour !!!

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    steel industrial carrousel cabinet
    steel industrial carrousel cabinet

    This is a very unique piece

    The cabinet is made out of riveted steel with a sliding door to close it off, inside there are 4 carrousel-like 'drawers', used in a garage/workshop to store nails/screws and other small items.


  • Vintage cinema seats
    Vintage cinema seats

    Beautiful old wooden set of cinema seats.

    Imagine the stories it could tell about first kisses and holding hands, nw ready for a new life and new stories.

    In good vintage condition

    Seat height is 45 cm

    € 295,00
  • Industrial steel cabinet
    Industrial steel cabinet

    Steel industrial cabinet

    These are made for very heavy duty industrial purposes but nevertheless made with eye for detail,

    that is what i love about good industrial design !!!

    3 pieces available

    price each

    € 599,00
  • Vintage industrial drawercabinet
    Vintage industrial drawercabinet

    Beautiful old beechwood drawercabinet.

    This piece came out of an old factory.

    € 650,00
  • Industrial cabinet, C. Lechat, 1950's
    Industrial cabinet, C. Lechat, 1950's

    Beautiful industrial flap cabinet

    Made by C. Lechat s.a. Brussels, Belgium.

    Circa 1950's

    Gorgeous green color

    In very good condition!!

    € 1.450,00
  • Antique fairgroud carrousel panel
    Antique fairgroud carrousel panel

    Beautiful old carrousel panel.

    Early 20th century (1900-1920)

    Handpainted tinplate on a wooden frame.

    Gorgeous patina, very decorative piece!!

    2 pieces available

    Price each

    € 750,00
  • Antique shop display cabinet
    Antique shop display cabinet

    Beautiful old shop display cabinet.

    This piece consists of 3 seperate pieces.

    Gorgeous patina!

    € 950,00
  • Sold

    Antique shopcounter desk
    Antique shopcounter desk

    Beautiful and unique piece.

    This piece is a combination of shopcounter and desk, it was used in a former pharmacy in the Urkaine, its roughly 100 years old.

    Total height is 105 cm, height of the desk is 80 cm.

    One of a kind !!!

  • Industrial height adjustable stool
    Industrial height adjustable stool

    Cool old industrial stool.

    Steel frame with plywood seat, height adjustable.

    height 50 cm to max 65 cm

    Perfect working condition.

    € 65,00
  • Antique large coffee container
    Antique large coffee container

    Beautiful large coffee container.

    Circa 1900 - 1920 in gorgeous art nouveau style.

    Good condition.

    € 95,00
  • sold

    Industrial coffee table
    Industrial coffee table

    Very cool old industrial coffee table.

    Originaly this was a very old industrial cable reel, the rims are made out of wrought iron steel as is the turning mechanisme in the center. The 'table' is set on wheels.

    Diameter 60 cm,…

  • Sold

    Antique dentist cabinet
    Antique dentist cabinet

    Beautiful old steel medical cabinet.

    Made by ADMI in the 1920's


    Richard Heinze, zahnbedarf handlung, Leipzig.

    € 1.500,00
  • sold

    Industrial filingcabinet Sabena Airlines
    Industrial filingcabinet Sabena Airlines

    Beautiful industrial filingcabinet.

    This industrial drawercabinet comes from the former Belgian Sabena airlines.

    The cabinet is made out of metal with brass handles, the color and patina are gourgeous.

  • Suroy Textile bin
    Suroy Textile bin

    Very cool old textile crate/bin

    Made by Suroy loos Nord France, circa 1950's

    Made out of pressed cardboard (looks and feels like leather) with heavy steel riveted rims.

    2 Pieces available, price for each

    € 65,00
  • sold out

    Antique diplay cabinet
    Antique diplay cabinet

    Beautiful set of 1920's display cabinets.

    Oak with faceted glass.

    Each cabinet has one glass shelve and comes with the original key.

    Price for each

  • Sold

    Chesterfield porter's chair
    Chesterfield porter's chair

    Rare Chesterfield porter's chair.

    Circa 1960's

  • Industrial wall locker
    Industrial wall locker

    Very cool steel wall locker.

    € 385,00
  • Antique French riveted steel locker
    Antique French riveted steel locker

    Beautiful 100 year old heavy steel locker.

    Made in France, circa 1900/1920

    Superb details and patina.

    € 450,00
  • Sedus Stoll office chair
    Sedus Stoll office chair

    Vintage office chair by Sedus Stoll.

    Circa 1960's

    Height and backrest are adjustable.

    € 65,00
  • Industrial steel cabinet
    Industrial steel cabinet

    Stunning and unique steel industrial cabinet.

    This Citroën HY style industrial cabinet is made our of heavy steel with a superb color and patina.

    € 650,00
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