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    Industrial steel locker
    Industrial steel locker

    Gorgeous old riveted steel locker cabinet.

    Very heavy and authentic piece!

    Every compartment is numbered with a enamel sign.

    Comparments are substantial, so very practical to store clothes/shoes/documents/kitchen stock etc…

  • Antique apothecary cabinet
    Antique apothecary cabinet

    Beautiful antique apothecary cabinet.

    Circa 1880

    Made of oak and pine.

    Hand crafted with gorgeous dovetail joints.
    Amazing colour/patinaOverall in very good condition. skirting boards on the side are (partially) missing.


    € 2.500,00
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    Horax bankers lamp
    Horax bankers lamp

    Beautiful old stylish bauhaus bankers lamp.


    Produced by Dr. Ing. Schneider & Co, Frankfurt under the brand name "Horax".

    In good and working condition.

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    industrial steel cabinet
    industrial steel cabinet

    Gorgeous old steel cabinet.

  • old plaster buste
    old plaster buste

    Beautiful old plaster buste.


    € 135,00
  • vintage information signs
    vintage information signs

    Very cool vintage information signs.

    Made of steel.


    -woman toilet

    -men toilet

    -conference room?

    21,5 cm x 21,5 cm

    19,95 euro each

    Let me know which one you would like when ordering.

    € 19,95
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    Enameled sign Erdal, 1920's
    Enameled sign Erdal, 1920's

    Beautiful antique enameled commercial sign.

    Erdal shoepolish, 1920's

    In good condition considering its about 100 years old, on the edges/corners there are some signs of 'restauration'

  • antique wooden lion sculpture
    antique wooden lion sculpture

    Beautiful old wooden lion sculpure.


    Origin: Romania

    Gorgeous patina!

    circa 30 cm in length and 16 cm in height

    € 115,00
  • vintage glass soda syphon
    vintage glass soda syphon

    Gorgeous vintage soda syphons

    Several different pieces on stock (let me know which one you want)

    price each

    € 29,50
  • Old aluminum hat mold
    Old aluminum hat mold

    Very decorative vintage hat mold.

    Made of solid cast aluminum, circa 5 kg.

    Origin: France, circa 1930's

    € 185,00
  • Benjamin Rabier lithograph
    Benjamin Rabier lithograph

    Beautiful antique lithograph including wooden frame.

    The lithograph has several cracks and folds but still very attractive.

    Benjamin Rabier, 1907

    Benjamin Rabier (1864-1939) is a French illustrator, comic book artist and…

    € 225,00
  • vintage hat mold
    vintage hat mold

    Very decorative old hat mold.

    Made of solid cast aluminum, circa 4 kg.

    Origin: France, circa 1930's

    (the wooden block is just to display the hat mold)

    € 185,00
  • Old steel armwrestling table
    Old steel armwrestling table

    Heavy steel armwrestling table!!

    Made in Riga, Latvia.

    Very cool and unique piece!!

    The table is completely made out of heavy steel with 2 folding leather spring seats.

    The seats have rings to hold on too. There are also 2…

    € 699,00
  • Industrial old moviespot lamp
    Industrial old moviespot lamp

    Beautiful old & huge industrial moviespot.
    Riga Kino Studija. 1950's

    circa 1 meter in height!

    € 1.200,00
  • Industrial locker
    Industrial locker

    Very cool industrial steel and mesh locker.

    Used by the Hungarian railroads.

    Very heavy!

    We have had several of these cabinets and only one has been photographed, so there can be small differences in patina.
    But all are the…

    € 399,00
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    Antique drawers/shop cabinet
    Antique drawers/shop cabinet

    Very cool and imposing large shop cabinet.

    This piece came out of a former hardware store in Germany.

    Very rare to find these cabinets with their original ladder.

    Circa 1930's

    Overall in good vintage condition. One side has…

  • sold

    Apothecary cabinet
    Apothecary cabinet

    Beautiful old apothecary cabinet.

    From a former apothecary in Kreuztal, Germany.

    Complete with all drawers and enameled signs.

    The top needs to be completed with some wood but its an easy fix.

  • Vintage Baisch dentist cabinet
    Vintage Baisch dentist cabinet

    Super cool vintage dentist cabinet.

    Made by the german manufacturer Baisch in the 1950's

    Completely made out of steel with chromed steel handles and trims, the top is made out of black glass.

    Standing on 'invisible'…

    € 599,00
  • Vintage enameled bucket
    Vintage enameled bucket

    Very cool vintage enameled bucket.
    Firma Gelria, Doetinchem, The Netherlands.Used in a bakery.

    Liter measuring scale inside.

    One 13 liter and the other 15 liter

    Price each

    € 40,00
  • Cast iron cobbler's nail cup holder
    Cast iron cobbler's nail cup holder

    Vintage cast iron cobbler's nail cup holder.

    Diameter 24 cm. approx 14 cm height.

    € 65,00
  • Vintage French concrete penguin garden statues
    Vintage French concrete penguin garden statues

    Superb vintage concrete penguin garden statues.

    Made in France. First half of the 20th century.

    Beautiful weathered condition.

    Circa 70 cm height.

    Price each

    € 350,00
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    Industrial prismatic globe lamp
    Industrial prismatic globe lamp

    Beautiful old industrial globe lamps.

    Steel body with heavy prismatic glass globe.

    Newly rewired.

    circa 35 cm in diameter. height approx 40 cm.

    3 pieces available

  • Antique riveted steel cabinet
    Antique riveted steel cabinet

    Gorgeous antique riveted steel cabinet.

    Original old piece from India.

    Inside there is one drawers with on each side a 'secret' compartment.

    The doors can be closed and locked with a wrought iron bar.

    € 599,00
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    Industrial steel flap cabinet
    Industrial steel flap cabinet

    Beautiful old industrial riveted steel cabinet.

    August Blödner, Gotha, Germany. Circa 1920's/1930's

    Rare piece of industrial herritage.

    This particular piece was used by the Staatliche versicherung der DDR

    Some knobs are…

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