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    Old bakers table
    Old bakers table

    Superb old bakers table.

    Heavy steel construction with wooden drawers and trims.

    The tabletop is made out of some sort of stone with a marvelous patina.

  • sold

    Industrial steel cupboard
    Industrial steel cupboard

    Very cool industrial steel cupboard.

    The outside of this steel cabinet is polished to a bare metal finish.

    Inside is left original.

    Wooden drawers inside.

  • new

    Industrial explosion proof tube light
    Industrial explosion proof tube light

    Very cool industrial explosion proof tube light.

    Made in the USSR, circa 1970's

    NOS (new old stock) never been used.

    Aluminum body with a steel case.

    Newly rewired and fitted with a dimmable LED tl (warm white, 2700K)

    € 275,00
  • Old enameled house number
    Old enameled house number

    Old enameled house numbers

    We have about 240 pieces on stock.

    Email us for availability of your number.

    dimensions approx: 12 cm x 10 cm

    € 20,00
  • Vintage medical floor lamp
    Vintage medical floor lamp

    Beautiful old medical floor lamp.

    This lamp is adjustable in all angles and height.

    The base has gorgeous cracked paint and is standing on casters.

    Newly rewired.

    € 145,00
  • sold

    Art deco cupboard
    Art deco cupboard

    Beautiful art deco cupboard.

  • Wrought iron door/window grill
    Wrought iron door/window grill

    Beautiful old wrought iron grills.

    Perfect for interior/garden/outdoor styling.

    Price each 75 euro

    € 75,00
  • Industrial storage crate
    Industrial storage crate

    Beautiful old industrial crate.

    Gorgeous beech wood with metal reinforced corners etc.

    € 65,00
  • sold

    Vintage wooden chest of drawers
    Vintage wooden chest of drawers

    Very nice old wooden drawer cabinet.

    beautiful rustic light green color (one side not painted)

  • coming soon

    Old carrousel display cabinet
    Old carrousel display cabinet

    Unique old wooden carrousel display cabinet.

    Perfect piece for a shopinterior or to display your collectables.

  • Cast iron stool
    Cast iron stool

    Gorgeous cast iron stools.

    Early 1900's.

    Height adjustable.

    2 pieces left available (stool on the left and the stool with green color)

    € 225,00
  • Vintage chest of drawers
    Vintage chest of drawers

    Nice vintage drawer cabinet.

    Lots of drawers with aluminum pull grips.

    It is painted in a cool blue/greyish color in the past (one side is not painted as seen on the picture)

    € 599,00
  • sold

    vintage shop display cabinet
    vintage shop display cabinet

    Very nice set of 2 vintage display cabinets, circa 1950's.

    Both cabinets have 3 drawers, storage space and a display case with 2 levels to display your collectables or merchandise, for example.

    In rustic solid condition.


  • 1940's double sided railway station clock
    1940's double sided railway station clock

    Gorgeous 1940's industrial railway station clock.

    Lepaute electrique, Paris, France.

    Double sided clock with steel case, chromed trims and glass fronts.

    In perfect working condition.

    Diameter circa 37 cm.

    € 750,00
  • Antique Grutters cupboard
    Antique Grutters cupboard

    Beautiful old grutters cupboard.

    Made out of pitch pine.

    Gorgeous original (not overpainted) rustic condition.

    € 850,00
  • Old beech wood pen tray
    Old beech wood pen tray

    Beautiful old pen tray.

    These boxes are made out of beech wood with nice box joints, ideal to be used as pan tray for example.

    These are at least 60/70 years old.

    € 10,00
  • sold

    Antique shop counter
    Antique shop counter

    Stunning antique shop counter.

    The wear on the top is absolutely amazing.

    Lots of drawers and on the left there is a door with a few shelves.

    There is second counter available (2 meters long) but its missing 3 drawers and needs…

  • Antique & Unique cylinder desk
    Antique & Unique cylinder desk

    Very beautiful and stylish desk.

    Made in the Netherlands, early 1900's.

    Used in a shipyard.

    This desk features a very clever and ingenious lockingsystem that locks all drawers when the cylinder hatch is closed.


    € 599,00
  • sold

    Extra large wooden table
    Extra large wooden table

    Extremely large dining table.

    Made out of teak wood.

    Great patina on the old tabletop!

  • sold

    Vintage Chesterfield 2 seater
    Vintage Chesterfield 2 seater

    Beautiful vintage Chesterfield sofa.

    Gorgeous craqueled deep red colored leather.

    In vintage condition, no rips or damage.

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    Vintage Chesterfield sofa
    Vintage Chesterfield sofa

    Beautiful vintage Chesterfield 3 seater

    Stunning cognac brown leather.

    This is a low and undeep model, seat height circa 38 cm.

    Length 180 cm.

  • Old wooden scafolding
    Old wooden scafolding

    Gorgeous old wooden painters scafold.

    This was used by painters back in the day.

    Its made completely out of wood with casters.

    Its height adjustable up to approx 3 meters.

    Ideal to be used as an open storage/ shop display etc.

    € 499,00
  • reserved

    Bakery worktable / kitchen island
    Bakery worktable / kitchen island

    Beautiful old steel bakery table.

    This table was used in a former bakery.

    Made out of metal with a spruce wooden tabletop.

    Lots of drawers and storage space, ideal for a (outdoor) kitchen for example.

  • sold

    Antique flap cabinet
    Antique flap cabinet

    This beautiful old flap cabinet is coming soon.

    Interested?? mail/call us for more info

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